All of our cakes, frostings & fillings are made from scratch with the freshest and high quality ingredients, we pride ourselves on not only beautiful cakes but delicious tasting cakes also. 

   Cake Flavors : * all flavors can be used for any  custom cakes or  custom cupcakes

 ▪Classic Vanilla ▪Vanilla Funfetti▪Vanilla Bean▪Amaretto▪Strawberry▪Lemon Supreme▪Chocolate▪Marble▪Southern Red Velvet

 Deluxe Wedding Cake  Flavors: 

*Additional charge per tier if chosen for wedding cake, depending on size.

Classic Wedding  Cake: Buttery moist vanilla cake 

*Carrot: Moist cake with carrots, raisins, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg spices

*Coconut Cake: Buttery cake made with the freshest coconut milk

*Pink Champagne: Light, fluffy and moist pink cake infused with champagne 

*Butter Rum: Ultra moist vanilla cake brushed with buttery rum syrup

Autumn Spice: Delicious ginger and clove spice cake

Raspberry Swirl : Vanilla cake paired with a fresh swirl of Raspberry compote

*Lemon Poppy seed: Zesty lemon cake married with tangy poppy seed

Mocha Espresso: Moist Mocha Chocolate cake brushed with coffee glaze


▪Classic Buttercream  ▪Vanilla Bean Buttercream  ▪Chocolate Buttercream ▪Classic Cream Cheese ▪Strawberry Buttercream▪Oreo ▪Ginger & Cinnamon Spice Frosting ▪Maple Frosting


Deluxe fillings: $8

▪Strawberry▪ Raspberry ▪Pineapple ▪ Hazel Nut Buttercream ▪Espresso Cream ▪Oreo Cream▪ Lemon Curd Cream ▪Ganache  ▪Key Lime Curd Cream▪Coconut Cream